Capricorn Stellium

If you’re feeling a building sense of pragmatism now, you’re not alone. By Wednesday, we’ll have six planets in Capricorn, the Taskmaster of the Zodiac.

Thank you Capricorn friends. We need your sturdy sense of morality right now more than ever to help us get our shit straight.

Fortunately, we’re more motivated to get down to the nitty-gritty. With every planet in the sky moving in direct motion, January and February are our best periods of 2018 to start new projects and get things done. We’ll spend much of the rest of the year refining and revising what we launch now.

Thanks to Mars and Jupiter conjunct Scorpio, it’s also an ideal moment to take down governments with scandal.

Yes, I’m talking about the Donald Trump tell-all. Scorpio energy combined with Capricorn energy makes for a take-no-prisoners situation where our leadership is concerned. Meanwhile, with Uranus in Aries stationing direct Jan. 2  after five months, the masses are motivated to revolt. You might want to grab some popcorn. January won’t be kind to the president. Trump’s Last Stand has just begun.

But let’s talk about the breakthrough energy available on Saturday. Take some time out in the morning to ground yourself so you can make the most of the exuberant Mars-Jupiter conjunct and Mercury trine Uranus. Meditations, intention-setting and brainstorming could be especially productive.

Monday is another upbeat day for most of us with optimism and good relations available. This is a good day to schedule important meetings, difficult conversations or tasks that require motivation.

If at all possible, avoid all these things on Tuesday, when intensity and power struggles could erupt. Relationships could be tricky that day with the Moon void of course, moving into Scorpio. Better to channel that challenging energy into healing psychological or investigative work instead.

This coming week, we’re still moving out of the Mercury Retrograde shadow period, which means that by Jan. 12, whatever we started around Dec. 3 will rumble back to life.

Until then, take it as it comes with a Capricorn-grade tenacity. You’ll get there little-by-little.


Planet Roll Call

Sun in Capricorn - Dec. 21 to Jan. 19

Mercury in Sagittarius - Nov. 6 to Jan. 12

Mercury in Capricorn - Jan. 12 to Feb. 1

Venus in Capricorn - Dec. 24 to Jan. 17

Mars in Scorpio - Dec. 10 to Jan. 26

Jupiter in Scorpio - Oct. 11 to Nov. 9, 2018

Saturn in Capricorn - Dec. 19 to March 2020



NONE until March!