Venus in Retrograde: Deep Self-Inquiry

I want to find the Divine in the mundane.

I want to slow waaay down. Breathe more deeply. Observe more. React less. Practice impromptu gratitude for everything I usually resent. I want to notice my senses rather than push past them.

In other words, I want every moment to feel as if I’ve had about a glass and a half of wine.

This is my version of Venus Retrograde in Scorpio.  

There’s a version out there for everyone. Through Wednesday, we can all tap into Venus and Mercury at 8° Scorpio, which symbolizes “the power of responsiveness.” Venus rules love and money. It represents what we value and how we show appreciation. Scorpio is all things hidden and mysterious. It’s the sign of the psychologist and the alchemist.

Together, these archetypes call us to marvel at our own mysteries. To investigate our notions of worth. Where do you undervalue yourself? What do you treasure? What aspect of your life deserves more appreciation? What happens when you turn your attention to what truly matters to you?

It’s a good time to clarify how you love yourself and when you decide to withhold affection and approval. Practice still awareness of your state of being. This observation roots you in the moment and brings you back to what is important.

My wish for all of us is that we each become so compassionate and loving with ourselves that this energy ripples out to the world around us until love and gratitude become the air we breathe.

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Gina Piccalo