Taurus Full Moon and the Art of Give-and-Take

This week, life offers some answers to all those questions we’ve been contemplating for weeks. Try not to get in your own way. The key is to let go and trust.

This is the real-world manifestation of the Sun shifting into Scorpio on Tuesday (exact at 9:45 am Pacific/11:45 am Central/12:45 pm Eastern) and opposing the Full Moon on Wednesday a 1° Taurus 13’ — with Venus in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus adding a level of anxiety and excitement.

This lunation invites us to look at our control issues. It shows us where we need to slow down and get grounded. It swells with sensuality and possibility.

Surprises in relationships and finances are likely. Some of us could experience a long overdue windfall. Others may find debts have come due. Either way, we have a Uranus-Saturn trine still in effect enhancing our problem-solving abilities.

By the weekend, the Sun makes helpful aspects to Venus and Saturn, bringing tenderness and integrity to the proceedings. Sunday’s Cancer Moon will help us tuck into a home cooked meal and a nap. Both will be welcome after a particularly intense week.

A lot of us are grappling with inner melodrama these days. We’re reaching the crescendo of the Scorpio portion of the 40-day Venus Retrograde. Settling in to this season of contemplation and surrender eases the discomfort of it. I’ve spent more time fighting it than I expected.

Stillness is more readily available now for all of us. But this isn’t necessarily a blissed-out state. This is more about sitting with our suffering. Honoring it. Embracing it as a path to self-love.

With a pile-up of Scorpio energy — Sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter all in the sign of death-rebirth — the next few weeks allow us to release outworn parts of ourselves so we can be reborn.

This year’s astrology has been especially concerned with self-awareness. Who are you really? Are you letting your fears dictate your decisions? What happens when you release self-criticism and cynicism and trust in something more profound? Does that free up some space for love in your partnerships, in your family, in your community?

Within two weeks’ time, we’ll be in an entirely new state of mind, one more refreshed and clear with a Scorpio New Moon and Jupiter entering Sagittarius. The shadow work of 2018 will have been completed.

We’re in the home stretch of a very long and arduous process of self-discovery.

Take heart.


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Gina Piccalo