Astrology of November: Better Than October

We are mercifully closing in on October and a period of deep self-inquiry, intensity and shadow work. Who’s ready for November?

Change — the good kind — is imminent.

Brace yourself for a renewed sense of hope and faith, a profound feeling of renewal and a refreshingly new perspective on what has been a volatile and difficult year. Four planets — Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter — shift out of fixed signs in the coming weeks. Two change directions.

This means whatever has felt stuck and insurmountable since June will begin to lift and move out of the way. To fully grasp the enormity of this shift, consider the recent past.

2018: The Year of Shadow

Since February 2017, the Leo-Aquarius eclipse cycle has completely up-ended our sense of ourselves — as individuals, as Americans and as Earthlings. Identity has become weaponized. The us-versus-them mentality landed us in an entirely new paradigm, where our intractable beliefs have made us alien to one another.

This was brought to an especially dark place by Jupiter — followed by retrograde Mars, Mercury and Venus. Each of these planets triggered the volatile Leo-Aquarius eclipse degrees, coinciding with events of devastating radicalism.

On Feb. 14, 2018, the moment the Parkland School shooting began, the Moon triggered the degree of the Aug. 7, 2017 lunar eclipse.

This same degree was triggered by Mars when the first in the series of last week’s pipe bombs was discovered in George Soros’ mailbox.

The day of the Tree of Life shootings, Mars triggered the exact degree of the Aug. 11, 2018 solar eclipse, while Jupiter was triggering the solar eclipse degree of Feb. 15, 2018.

In early September, Jupiter in Scorpio was joined by Venus, spending seven weeks casting a pall over our relationships, our values and our sense of hope and faith. Fear is palpable. Conspiracy theories and doomsday scenarios continue to dominate the headlines.

On Sept. 27, the day of the Kavanaugh hearings, Mars triggered the exact degree of the lunar eclipse two months prior on July 27, 2018.

Personally, we’ve been forced to reckon with our own shadows. Sexual trauma has been validated in historic ways this year, a quintessentially Scorpio in Jupiter outgrowth. And as a result we’ve demanded more authenticity of each other. It has become increasingly difficult to phone it in. These times are calling forth your best self.

Renewed Faith

Mercury leads the way as it moves into Sagittarius on Oct. 30, bringing an immediate shift in mood. We may be able to see our problems with more clarity and faith.

The next day, Halloween, Venus — still Retrograde — shifts backward into Libra, helping bring more romance and grace to our relationships. That same day, Venus opposes Uranus, bringing freedom and surprises in relationships and breaking us out of routines for the second time since mid-September. We get a third shot of this adrenaline on Nov. 30.

From Oct. 30 to Nov. 3, a sense of healing and renewal comes with a lovely Jupiter-Chiron trine. This is a week to restore yourself after so many weeks of drama and turmoil.

After the Nov. 6 mid term elections, prepare for some interesting shifts.

First there’s the Nov. 7 Scorpio New Moon, preparing us for a new level of transformation, deep healing and even investigation around issues of power, corruption and disillusionment.

This lunation at 15 Scorpio could bring a more enlightened perspective on a very dark situation as the moon trines Neptune and sextiles Pluto.

The morning of Nov. 8 signals the beginning of a new year long cycle as Jupiter shifts into Sagittarius and a year of exploration and renewed optimism. I’ll write a separate post on this shift, but suffice to say, it’s going to feel like opening the window and inhaling great gusts of fresh air after a year of Jupiter in Scorpio.

Be sure to take note of Nov. 10-17 as two planets station and one ends a five-month journey.

You may want to hold off on making rash decisions this week around love and money and all things tech and mechanical as Venus is at a virtual standstill at 25 Libra, preparing to station Direct, and Mercury will be slowing down to station Retrograde at 13 Sagittarius on Nov. 16.

The Mercury and Venus stationery degrees suggest the following:

— 25 Libra is all about keeping the faith and being guaranteed rewards after a period of intense and intuitive study. This bodes well for working out issues in relationship and business partnerships.

—15 Sagittarius can suggest the past catching up with us. Scandals and redemptions could make the headlines. This isn’t a time to try to get away with half-truths or exaggerations.

On Nov. 16, Mars finally relents after a five-month journey through Aquarius and as it enters more subdued and dreamy Pisces we can finally let down our guard a bit. When the planet of action leaves a fixed sign for a mutable one as in this case, we can expect more flexibility in our day-to-day than we’ve had in months.

The most notable days of the Mercury Retrograde* (it stations Direct on Dec. 5) are:

— Nov. 16-18 as it squares Neptune — a sure-sign of confusion and misunderstanding.

— Nov. 22, the Sun enters Sagittarius with Jupiter and Mercury traveling alongside it, bringing a sense of optimism and possibility. You may regain your can-do spirit after managing crisis after crisis. This is the time of the year to embrace abundance and joy.

— The Nov. 23 Full Moon at 0 Sagittarius squares Mars and opposes Jupiter. This could bring about a little to much enthusiasm. Watch for excess and accidents. At its best, though, this lunation could bring together kindred spirits, re-energize old friendships and help us remember who we are. It’s a good one.

—Nov. 25 as it squares Mars in Pisces. More confusion and misunderstanding with the added issue of clumsiness leading to accidents. Watch where you’re going!

—Nov. 26 as it conjuncts Jupiter and the Sun: Who wants to party!? Optimism abounds. This is one good Monday.

All in all, November promises a bright light at the end of a long and dark tunnel.

Let the light in.

Gina Piccalo