Scorpio New Moon

This week we enter an entirely new paradigm, one imbued with more freedom of mind, more hope and renewed faith.

The New Moon tomorrow at 15° Scorpio is empowering and healing. Whatever aspect of ourselves we saw so clearly needed to be cleansed and purified back in April on the Scorpio Full Moon is now ready to be reborn.

After months spent digging through old wounds, confronting our hidden pain, looking closely at the ways we contribute to our own suffering — on a personal level and on the world stage — we are seeing a way through. We’re seeing things as they really are — for better and worse.

Now we stand in a place of power. We own some sacred aspect of ourselves in a new way.

Consider this time as one of the most potent intention-setting moments of the year. The ground has been plowed and cleansed of the stagnant old ways. Now it’s time to cultivate the vision for the coming six months. Where do you want to be on May 18, 2019 at the 27° Scorpio Full Moon?

What parts of yourself or your life need be heaved onto the compost pile? Consider where you succumb to self-hate, guilt, shame or fear. Ask yourself where this voice originated. Bless that part of your personality and send it on its way. Where do you want to see growth?

Water and Earth are the dominant elements nourishing this lunation with the Scorpio New Moon trine Neptune in Pisces and sextile Pluto in Capricorn. This is a fertile time to plant the seeds of a new consciousness.

What germinates will have mystical qualities and potent staying power. What grows will possess the kind of lasting wisdom that only comes from deep suffering.

The rest of our week could feel like a gust of fresh air. On Thursday, we begin a year of expansion and optimism as Jupiter enters his home sign of Sagittarius. Right away we get a jolt of awesomeness as Jupiter conjuncts the Moon.

By Friday, our relationships and our sense of ourselves will feel lighter and more manageable with a Venus-Mars air trine.

Our gift after such a long period of darkness is the understanding that rebirth is not only possible — it’s the only outcome.

Gina Piccalo