Libra New Moon: Shifting the Power

Tenderness and compassion for ourselves and others is key during this New Moon at 15 Libra. Many of us are feeling raw and easily triggered. Ancient wounds, traumas and fears are being unleashed. Confronting this material can be harrowing.

This is our collective invitation to shed systems that feed off sexual shame, particularly that of women.

Women are invited to allow space for righteous anger. Clarify boundaries. Reclaim power. Bring light to the dark recesses of corruption and the secretive abuse. Refuse any projections of shame.

Men are invited to acknowledge and honor the sacred aspect of vulnerability. To participate in the collective reckoning with toxic masculinity. 

Wherever we have sacrificed ourselves in service of someone else’s shadow, wherever we have surrendered control rather than confront abuse, wherever we have turned away from the truth of love and self-respect — will be made known this month.

This New Moon invites us to confront any longtime power imbalances in relationship as it aspects Pluto in Capricorn, reviving the need for change. It’s likely these are male-female confrontations with the ruler of this lunation Venus in Scorpio Retrograde square Mars in Aquarius. Fairness and justice in the culture and within our systems are at issue.

But try not to allow Venus in Scorpio to sow (unnecessary) discord in your relationships. Transform envy, jealousy and rage to authentic intimacy and self-compassion.

If someone you love lashes out at you, try to see through to the pain and fear behind their words and respond with patience, rather than self-righteousness or aggression. This isn’t to condone enabling or co dependence or passive aggressiveness.

This is fierce love. The quality of which is grounded in integrity and strength. In knowing that it is not up to you to “fix” or advise or convince the other. But validate them simply by bearing witness. By listening. Not through the lens of your own ego needs. But through the lens of love and understanding.

This is typically very difficult.⠀

But Uranus in Taurus trine Saturn in Capricorn brings opportunity to restructure and rebuild what has been broken. 

We are all strong enough to bring our integrity and courage to the challenges of this time. 

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Gina Piccalo