Mercury Retrograde/Venus Direct

It has been a year, hasn’t it? Every week as I write my updates, I’m astounded by the weight of the astrology. The intensity never seems to let up. We’re all ready for a time out. One way to approach this coming Mercury Retrograde is to use it as moment to get perspective.

The slow down may become evident on Thursday evening as Mars moves into watery Pisces after spending the better part of six months in Aquarius. All you fixed signs — Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio — will be grateful for the break.

At the same time, Venus will be slowing down to station Direct on Friday after 40 days spinning backward through Scorpio and Libra. She won’t transcend her Retrograde Shadow until she reaches 11° Scorpio on Dec. 18, like Persephone resurfacing from the depths of Hades.

These three planets — Venus, Mercury and Mars—are the cosmic expressions of how we think of ourselves and our relationships. As they all shift this week, our perspectives, our affections and our desires shift as well.

We may reconsider some recent decisions in the next week. How we love, what we value, what we desire and what we’re willing to do to get it could enter our conversations. It’s a good time to contemplate all that has taken place this year and begin to assess your new paradigm.

In Pisces, Mars energy is not as dynamic as it is in a Fire or Air sign. Our reactions times may slow down and we’re more motivated to daydream. This isn’t a bad thing. The hectic feel of Mars in Aquarius has left us raw and on edge.

That said, this weekend, Mars gets busy with aspects the minute he moves into Pisces, squaring Jupiter and sextile Uranus. So this weekend and the week following, we may feel like we’re driving with the parking brake on.

Jupiter and Uranus really rev Mars’ engine, driving inspiration and optimism. But Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius-Scorpio Friday through Dec. 6 could throw obstacles in the way of our grand ideas.

Set goals and sit with them for a while. In the new year, you’ll be more ready to initiate change. For now through the end of the year, though, the intensity and drama of 2018 is still integrating. Give yourself space to acclimate to these new waters.

Thursday, Nov. 15 — Mars enters Pisces

Friday, Nov. 16— Venus stations Direct at 25° Libra 14’

Friday, Nov. 16 — Mercury Retrograde at 13°Sagittarius 29’

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