A Week of Adjustments

This week opens with a pile-on of restless energies, all in the same area of life, all of them directing us toward the same goal. It may be hard to find your bearings.

On one hand, we’re moved to be more forthright, to speak up about Freedom and Truth, to stand our ground in the name of pride. On the other, we may feel frustrated as our good intentions still lead to philosophical differences. A healthy sense of humor softens this aspect. Mercury square Mars loves a snappy one-liner. Just try to avoid cynicism.

This misplaced sense of urgency quiets a bit on Tuesday and Wednesday as we buckle down to do the work (Mars-Saturn sextile) we secretly hope will get us noticed (quincunx Moon in Leo).

Whatever you put off on Monday will be more easily accomplished on Tuesday. Though, some adjustments in relationships may hit a nerve (Venus in Libra quincunx Chiron in Pisces). We’re all more easily triggered this week than we realize. Some of us just have a shorter fuse than usual. Others are just feeling frustrated by life in general.

Tune into the good will available and whatever hurt feelings arise will be quickly healed. (Moon in Leo trine Mercury-Jupiter conjunction.)

The aspects of Thursday set off a cascade of intensity that may surprise you. Unexpected expenses – or windfalls! -- could emerge as Venus in Libra applies to its opposition to Uranus in Aries.

Financial or relationship issues that started in mid September with the first of three Venus-Uranus oppositions may resolve now. Though resolution may mean letting go abruptly. Be patient with each other this weekend. Relationships are especially touchy around this transit. Another way this may manifest – an exciting blind date!

More change is promised Saturday and Sunday as Mercury dips back into Scorpio, shifting our perspective and deepening our focus. Whatever we put in motion back in September and October — particularly financial, psychological or spiritual endeavors — will need adjustments now that might reignite any lingering trust issues.

This weekend, we gain an opportunity to harness our tenacity and see something through, despite the challenges as the Sun in Sagittarius squares Mars in Pisces. Channel this energy productively by tackling something you’ve been putting off.

For all the ups and downs of this week, it’s likely we’ll all accomplish a lot more than we expect.