Jupiter in Sagittarius

As Jupiter mucked through Scorpio, we personally confronted our dark places while in the culture, we faced profound abuses of power. Now, the planet of joy and abundance enters its home sign of Sagittarius, like a gust of fresh air.

This is the sign of sky diving and treks through the Himalayas. It's Robert Plant at the height of Led Zepplin. It's the Burning Man of planetary placements. Symbolized by the Centaur, half man, half horse, Sagittarius is the original party animal. Excess oozes from Jupiter in this sign.

Change, inspiration, spontaneity, restlessness and adaptability arrive to a new area of your life. The last time Jupiter landed in Sagittarius was 2007 and we may experience similar life themes now. Where have you been denying yourself pleasure? Now is the time to let loose and rejoice.

YES becomes the go-to answer. A yearning restlessness takes holds in one part of your personality. This is an invitation to open your mind. Cultivate faith. Take risks. Think big.

Sagittarius and Jupiter represent the pursuit of Truth and Justice. Activism colored by a self-righteous indignation will likely continue to thrive under this aspect. With the planet of kindness in the sign of cultural exchange, a resolution to the immigrant crisis is more likely this year. We could also see some positive change in our university system and philosophical shifts in education.

Get perspective, strive for higher ideals and expand your horizons. Hope is alive.