Weekly Forecast: The Blurry Horizon

Try as we might this week to gain perspective, something seems to hover in our peripheral vision.

Maybe an issue you thought was resolved doesn’t yet feel that way. It’s likely you’re on the cusp of greatness and suddenly gripped by panic. Or maybe you’re just stuck in a daydream of all the loveliness that could be — if only you could get off the couch.

There’s a real sense of hurrying up to wait. Don’t worry if there are too many plotlines in your life right now to find a grounding narrative.

I blame Mars-Neptune in Pisces, the blurry horizon if there ever was one. But Venus and Mercury may be just as much at fault here as these personal planets retrace the tender parts of us they stirred up during their October and November retrograde periods.

Love and money. Intimacy and trust. Hope in a time of despair. These are the themes that have pinged around our psyches during this last quarter of the year. You may be worn out by all the soul searching, frankly.

Consider this — we’re winding down one paradigm to level up to the next one.

This year has taken a lot out of us. You don’t excavate the dark places we’ve haunted in 2018 without taking a time out for soul retrieval at the end of it all. And we are at the end of something mighty painful. It’s okay to want to cuddle up with some store-bought gelato.

Save the epiphanies for next week when Venus and Mercury finally transcend their Retrograde shadows in Scorpio and Sagittarius, respectively. Our hearts and minds will feel refreshed and relieved as a result.

This week, we’re still searching for a clear signal. We’re still integrating whatever relationship, self-worth or financial lessons we learned in October and November. We’re still wandering around in the bush, moving steadily toward the clear path, but not quite there.

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Gina Piccalo