December Forecast

This is the month we’ve been waiting for all year. Or at least since early March when we all entered a wormhole that would send us cascading through some gnarly corners of ourselves before entering this — the new paradigm.

Thanks to a cascade of retrogrades, Uranus in Taurus, Jupiter in Scorpio and the Leo-Aquarius eclipse cycle, we’ve been turning some part of our lives inside out and upside down.

Shame and post-traumatic stress have become a cultural phenomenon. Power and all the ways it can be corrupted are undeniable. Stability is just a dream we once had. Erratic and unrelenting chaos is the new constant.

The good news is that anything inauthentic and superficial has become abundantly clear — and intolerable. We have a new understanding of ourselves — warts and all. And now we have an opportunity to really live up to our own expectations. To live with integrity and self-love.

We’ve been called to identify a new goal, a new identity, a new way of being in relationship and in the world that demands we level up—together. We see now that the suffering of one is the suffering of all.

This is life-altering, weighty material and it takes time to integrate. So it’s likely this epiphany hasn’t resulted in the swift and lasting change you expected. Paradigm shifts aren’t overnight affairs.

Take heart that the 189 days of personal planet retrogrades this year (that is, Venus, Mercury and Mars) granted us a a window into our own souls. Now we take what we’ve learned and set the table for the future. For 2019 and beyond.

Brutal honesty has its benefits. A new truth is being born from the ashes of our old selves. Hope and faith are resurrected. We embrace the possibility that life will work out.

In December, we begin to put the pieces back together.

Thursday, Dec.6

Mercury goes Direct at 27° Scorpio

Thursday, Dec. 6- Friday, Dec. 7

New Moon at 15° Sagittarius

Square Mars-Neptune at 13° Pisces

Wednesday, Dec. 18

Venus Shadow ends

Friday, Saturday Dec. 21

Winter Solstice

Mercury-Jupiter conjunct at 9° Sagittarius

Sunday, Dec. 22

Full Moon at 0° Cancer

Tuesday, Dec. 25

Mercury Shadow ends

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Gina Piccalo