Aquarius Solar Eclipse

We’re in the chute, folks, poised for the trans-dimensional journey that is  tomorrow’s incredible 27° Aquarius New Moon eclipse. Shout out to all of those with Sun, Moon or Rising in fixed Signs: Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio and Taurus. You’re probably already feeling the affects of this power surge. I’m right there with you.

There’s a lot of potent, electric energy circulating now. Mercury and Uranus are involved in this lunation, bringing the urge for new opportunities, clarity and breakthrough. Synchronicity will speak loudly now. Those fixed sign folks may even notice some weirdness with their tech this week. Calls dropping, Internet snafus, etc.

We’re being called to shift priorities and make way for something unconventional or inventive. This week may mark a turning point for many of us. It’s interesting to note that February has no Full Moon this year, amplifying fresh starts and launches.

In times of transition like this one, it’s key to stay grounded and self-aware. Treat yourself with kindness. Be gentle. Stay in the moment. Take time in contemplation to consider your path. 

Look in your natal chart for 22°-28° Leo or Aquarius – this is the area of life, or the area of your personality that must move rapidly into a new paradigm during this 2016-2019 eclipse cycle. This is where you must let go and shed what has out-lived its purpose.

Themes or events could echo those that arose around the Great American Solar Eclipse of Aug. 21, 2017 or the one way back on Feb. 16, 1999.

Aquarius is the sign of the genius and with Mercury and Uranus aligned with this New Moon, we will all have more access to our own inner brilliance now. Ask yourself where you need a breakthrough and tune your consciousness to that place.

There could be some (more) surprising revelations in the news, or just surprising information in your own life that changes your understanding of a situation.

With Jupiter in Scorpio attached, this eclipse opens a portal of possibility that if harnessed, could send ripples of opportunity and healing into your life for weeks or months.

So set some well-thought out intentions, write down your goals for the rest of this year, brainstorm ideas for something you really want but think might be impossible.

We have three more weeks before the cascade of retrogrades begins with Jupiter stationing March 8 at 23 Scorpio and slows our progress through August.

Make the most of this forward momentum now.

Planet Roll Call

Sun in Aquarius - Jan. 20 to Feb. 18

Sun in Pisces - Feb. 18 to March 20

Mercury in Aquarius - Feb. 1 to Feb. 16

Mercury in Pisces - Feb.  16 to March 6

Venus in Pisces - Feb 10 to March 6

 Mars in Sagittarius  - Jan. 26 to March 17

Jupiter at 21°-23° Scorpio - February

Saturn at 4°-7° Capricorn - February

Pluto at 19°-20° Capricorn - February

Uranus at 24°-25° Aries - February

Neptune at 12°-13° Pisces - February  


Jupiter at 23° Scorpio Stations R - March 8

Mercury at 16° Aries Stations R - March 22


Gina Piccalo