The Pisces Stellium

This week we’re under the spell of the Mystic, a dreamy, diaphanous feeling that has settled over our experience in the wake of last week’s Aquarius Solar Eclipse. The Piscean mist has drifted in with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune and Chiron in the sign of the Oneness.

It is difficult to feel motivated with all this gauzy energy. And that could be because the universe is beckoning us to surrender to flow a bit more. Pisces is a water sign and water finds level ground by meandering. It may be that we need to make time to daydream this week to find whatever answer we’re seeking.

Today is perhaps the most romantic of the next seven as the earthy Moon in Taurus sextiles that sensuous Pisces stellium. But this weekend’s Moon in Cancer ranks a close second, inspiring us to tuck in and nurture ourselves and our loved ones.

That’s not to say there aren’t opportunities for pragmatism this week. On Sunday, the Sun sextiles Saturn easing the way for practical matters.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Venus and Mercury sextile Pluto empowering us to bring depth and meaning to our relationships with productive heart-to-hearts and maybe even some financial planning.

We’re moving toward the lovely 11° Virgo Full Moon on March 1, so whatever you’re hoping will culminate is still gestating this week. Now is the time to allow and surrender, to make way for what’s coming.

Pisces invites us to be tender and open to compassion. To let the tears flow if that’s what it takes to feel whole again. To reach out to the Divine and the natural world and tune in to the rhythms of the Earth.

Remember, this is a year of slow and steady progress. So give yourself the time you need to nourish what is truly meaningful in your life now. You may be surprised to discover how productive that can be.

Planet Roll Call

Sun in Pisces - Feb. 18 to March 20

Mercury in Pisces - Feb.  16 to March 6

Venus in Pisces - Feb 10 to March 6

Mars in Sagittarius  - Jan. 26 to March 17

Jupiter at 21°-23° Scorpio - February

Saturn at 4°-7° Capricorn - February

Pluto at 19°-20° Capricorn - February

Uranus at 24°-25° Aries - February

Neptune at 12°-13° Pisces - February  


Jupiter at 23° Scorpio Stations R - March 8

Mercury at 16° Aries Stations R - March 22