March 2018 Horoscope

March is an active month, though not in the ways we traditionally expect. Like a duck gliding over water, all our hard work may feel as if it's happening below the surface.

With Mercury and Jupiter turning retrograde, Mars conjuncting Saturn and two Full Moons, March is all about shifting and clarifying priorities, revisiting old triggers and clearing the way for the profound and potent energies coming with the March 20 Vernal Equinox.

The month opens with the March 1 tender-hearted Full Moon at 11° Virgo. Practical matters may culminate in a helpful and even lucky way in the days around this lunation. This weekend, a sense of recovery could build as whatever we've recently resolved is integrated in a healing way.

Virgo is the sign of purity and with a Full Moon here, you may feel the urge to cleanse — body, mind and soul. You may be motivated to clear out literal or emotional closets now. There's abundant access to divine consciousness right now and even a link to our woundedness, particularly on Sunday.

Don't be afraid to be vulnerable on that day. We're still drifting through the Piscean fog this weekend. You won't be the only one feeling more sensitive than usual. It's a good time to practice surrender and compassion.

Jupiter stations Retrograde at 23° Scorpio on March 8-9 (depending on your time zone) for his four-month nap. From now through July 10, you’re best served by reviewing and refining the plans you’ve launched in the first two months of the year. New endeavors launched during this period could be slow to gain traction, so be patient.

When Jupiter stations Direct at 13° Scorpio on July 10 – in the middle of our summer Mars Retrograde — you will likely be in an altogether different state of mind. Check points and planets at 13°-23° for clues as to how this might affect you.

There’s a lot of potent change-energy circulating from March 17-22, shifting our priorities and goals, activating new interests and summoning old issues for clearing. The energy field is wide open this month as Aries energy fires up our can-do spirit the second half of the month: Retrogrades be damned!

On St. Patrick’s Day, a New Moon at 26° Pisces may inspire our dreams or offer a profound sense of relief as we open ourselves to vulnerability. Just days later on March 20, we have the Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere, the moment the Sun moves into the potent 0° Aries point.

This signals the beginning of the astrological or “natural” calendar creating a dynamic energetic vortex for initiating change.

It’s often difficult to slow down enough to attune with the natural rhythms of the planet, but this part of the month presents an opportunity to connect with the burst of new life coming forth now. Harness this for positive manifestations.

Two days later, on March 22, Mercury stations Retrograde at 16° Aries, calling us to cultivate our courage, refine and review needed change and when in doubt, live in the moment.

Though every Mercury Retrograde triggers snafus, large and small, folks born with Mercury Stationed or Retrograde in their Natal Chart may find this a time of steady progress.  

Everyone else will just have to be more patient and watch their tempers. To remedy the Mercury Retrograde frustration, I suggest tuning into the slow and steady Mars in Capricorn from March 17 to May 17. Haste makes waste, especially in March.

The month closes with a complex March 31 Full Moon at 10° Libra. The fullness of this lunation may demand we take a closer look at our relationships and assess what’s not working. There are thorny aspects between Mars and Saturn and the Retrograde Mercury, creating some static and frustration around this Full Moon.

Rather than fight this retrograde energy, use it for goal-setting and productive self-talk. Ask yourself what you really want and then spend some time plotting a course to get there.