The Eclipse Portal

We’re in a potent energetic portal this week, between two eclipses— a period ripe for magic.  

Important, long-awaited changes could take place quickly with far less drama than we expect. You could get information this week that offers much-needed relief.

Release of emotion and ego attachments could come easier now. Any tears that flow this weekend could be sentimental ones that feel especially healing. But this isn’t an especially maudlin time.

There could be epiphany and even romantic excitement as Uranus sextiles Venus. Our sense of adventure and possibility could be amplified with the Mars-Moon conjunction in Sagittarius.

Indeed, now is the time to harness the optimism and synchronicity available to us, especially Saturday and Tuesday.

A sense of ebullience builds as we near the bountiful and electric Feb. 15 Solar Eclipse at 27 Aquarius. This lunation is activates the most magical aspects of Uranus. 

Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, is playing a key role in our experience now, awakening something essential in our consciousness, bringing disparate elements together to unify the whole.

Like Aquarius, Uranus is the rebel, the inventor, the independent thinker, the humanitarian, she who serves the greater good. She's also a contrarian, an eccentric and an anarchist.

Is it any surprise that Los Angeles was founded the same year Uranus was discovered in 1781?

Or that President Obama has Aquarius Rising opposite Uranus? 

Or that the city of Philadelphia, Home of the Super Bowl-winning Eagles and the Declaration of Independence, was “born” with Moon-Jupiter in Aquarius?

We have Uranus to thank for the most significant astrology headline of 2018. The gas giant is changing signs, leaving Aries for Taurus, starting a new seven-year cycle. Any time the planet of shock and awe shifts, it makes news.

Uranus enters 0‚° Taurus on May 15, marking the first time the planet changed signs since May 2010. That month, the U.S. experienced a trillion-dollar “Flash Crash” — which is what they’re calling Monday’s 1600-point plunge in the Dow.

The recent stock market plunge could be a prelude to this summer’s volatility. Mark your calendar for a trio of days— May 14-16 —as Uranus shifts into the sign of banking and real estate.

Donald Trump may be feeling especially maverick on issues related to foreign affairs and eager to assert his authority around that time.

In your own chart, look for any planets or angles at 0°-5° Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius, Capricorn or Virgo. Those will be areas of your experience that awaken and shift during Uranus’ slow-moving earthquake.  

Planet Roll Call

Sun in Aquarius - Jan. 20 to Feb. 18

Mercury in Aquarius - Feb. 1 to Feb. 19

Venus in Aquarius - Jan. 19 to Feb10

Venus in Pisces - Feb. 11 to March 7

Mars in Sagittarius  - Jan. 26 to March 17

Jupiter at 21°-23° Scorpio - February

Saturn at 4°-7° Capricorn - February

Pluto at 19°-20° Capricorn - February

Uranus at 24°-25° Aries - February

Neptune at 12°-13° Pisces - February

Super New Moon Solar Eclipse at 27° Aquarius - Feb. 15



NONE until March!