Pisces New Moon

For those of you just waking up from the dreaded “spring forward” portion of Daylight Savings Time, I have some good news. Today is one of the luckiest days of the year!

Fortuitous meetings, smooth negotiations, ambitious goal-setting and guided decisions are all supported today. So buy a lottery ticket/ask for a raise/make an offer/say a prayer. You’ll have better than average odds your wish will come true.

That’s because the Sun in Pisces trines Jupiter in Scorpio at 1:05 p.m. Pacific/3:05 p.m. Central/4:05 p.m. Eastern. Though the day starts out a bit sober, even insecure, with Venus square Saturn, feel free to take a leap of faith as afternoon wears on. You will have luck on your side.

But this is just one of the myriad aspects influencing us this week. Energetically, you may feel as if you’re closing in on a goal or closing a chapter in preparation for the next cycle. We’re heading into a productive part of the year.

But first, Saturday’s Pisces New Moon wants to treat you to some R and R.

Remember, Pisces is the original Space Cadet of the zodiac and she isn’t one for deadlines and to-do lists. She asks us to put that phone down and spend some time staring into the middle distance, where inspiration resides.

There’s magic surrounding this lunation, especially if you’re open to being vulnerable and releasing repressed emotion.

All New Moons are good for intention-setting rituals. Any Farmer’s Almanac will tell you it’s seed-planting time.

This Pisces New Moon offers a chance to create space for lasting growth. With Mars moving into Capricorn the same day, we’re ready to put our noses to the grindstone and plot out a new long-term goal between now and mid-May.

So accept the Universe’s invitation this weekend to go deep and rejuvenate. You may want to spend a little time with your dog or cat, Nature’s Beingness experts. Or take time to say the metta prayer. More than once. 

Nourish your dreams so you can manifest them with the steadfast support of Mars and Saturn. Slow and steady wins the race in 2018.