Mercury stations Retrograde

This week may feel a bit like driving with the brakes on. There’s a push-pull character to the energies with a lot of things in flux and the best advice is simply: Slow down and resist your impulses.

The last few weeks of Pisces season culminated with Saturday’s dreamy and vulnerable Pisces New Moon and we may still be recovering a sense of ourselves on Monday. After groping around in the fog and maybe even nursing our wounds, we’re now called to hurry up and wait.

The bracing shot of Aries fire hits Tuesday-Wednesday with the Equinox, an annual milestone when the Sun reaches 0° Aries — a potent and volatile degree. This time of year, our lizard brain reflects the organic cycles all around us and wants to INITIATE A GROWTH CYCLE.

With Mercury stationing Retrograde Thursday, though, it may feel as if all that potential gets stuck in the mud.  Rather than spin your wheels and dig your hole deeper, pull those energies within and do the dirty work of self-improvement.

Mercury represents our thought process. Astrologically, it appears to move backward in the sky until April 15.  

This is a good time to rethink your ambitions. Cultivate will power. Be your own hero. Ask yourself: Where am I compromising myself? Where do I need to re-engage my passion? Where do I need to cultivate more courage? Where do I lack self-confidence and why?

So rather than cursing the gods for your technological snafus during this Mercury Retrograde, step away from the computer and think through the problems yourself. You’re more capable than you think.