Aries New Moon

One of the 2018’s most powerful and potent planetary aspects comes Saturday so take the next few days to dream big. The time is ripe for awakening your most authentic self.

We’re entering a ten-day window of inspiration and profound breakthrough. To prepare, make space in your life to surrender, to be in the moment, to commune with nature and cultivate self-compassion. Invite deep, emotional connection. Ready yourself for the rebirth that’s coming.

Reflect on the intensity of the last ten days and ask yourself: Where am I resisting reality and why? What needs to be released? What needs to change for me to be more authentic?

These are the big questions of 2018, but they're especially relevant now as the astrological New Year comes into being.

This weekend, we’ll get a decisive push forward, into the dream our heart yearns to manifest.

One of the year’s three Jupiter sextiles to Pluto at 21° Scorpio-Capricorn takes place on Sunday, opening a vortex of abundance and deep transformation.

Anything is possible when you harness this energy.

Expand your expectations of life. Step away from the screens and practice a deep sense of optimism. Remember, everything we’re experiencing right now —no matter how entrenched and intractable it seems—begins and ends with our perception.

So reframe and renew.

It’s an ideal time to change your mind as Mercury will be stationing direct all weekend, ending the three-week period of snafus, frustration and deep self-inquiry.

We’ll  begin to pick up the pieces, integrate and clarify the areas of life we’ve been scrutinizing so closely. Though it may be May 3 before we feel we’re finally caught up — the wheels are in motion once again.

With all this potent energy circulating, the New Moon at 26° may seem almost anti-climactic. But it is anything but.

Uranus is conjunct this lunation firing up our restlessness and an electric sense of purpose. You may feel the time is ripe to break free from whatever convention dictates and strike out on your own.  

Listen to the Great Awakener. Take the reins of your experience and move one step closer to your truest self.