Chiron in Aries

This week, we reach a plateau in what has been a vigorous uphill climb, with intensity still palpable. There’s an electric current running through us today and tomorrow as the annual Sun-Uranus conjunction amplifies breakthroughs and genius.

Meanwhile, Mercury stationed direct in Aries and is slowly unwinding whatever chaos he has caused since March 22. Within two weeks, we’ll all feel better and perhaps more organized.

For now though, our energy is best spent getting settled. We still have Venus, Jupiter and Pluto working well together to bring a sense of empowerment, intimacy and well-being. There’s a real opportunity this week to cultivate meaning and optimism in our relationships.

Chiron, our shamanic guide through our core wounds, entered a new sign yesterday ending an eight-year chapter on our healing journey. This may bring a sense of satisfying renewal.

Since 2010, Chiron in Pisces has called us to surrender to our suffering and find the grace in our pain. At times, we may have lost ourselves entirely to this process. If you have Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius and Virgo, you’ve probably felt this more intensely than most.

Now Chiron in Aries (through October and then March 2019 -2026) emboldens us to be spiritual warriors who courageously confront our fears. Bravely asserting our vulnerability now will be the best way to curtail suffering.

This period marks the Chiron Return for those of you born April 1968 to January 1971 — a period of reckoning with your core wounds and an opportunity to confront and heal whatever elements of them you have avoided until now. Gen X unite!

Meanwhile, Saturn and the Pluto station retrograde creating subtle prompts to reinforce our psychological and structural foundations. You may find next week, as these two planets bump up against Mercury and Mars, that reinforcement is needed.

This weekend, though, we’ll have a lovely Cancer Moon. Take time to nurture yourself and the ones you love.