April 2018 Forecast

The astrology of April is a doozy. See yourself as the steady boulder, unwavering in the crashing surf. This month, the storms test your mettle.

If March was the muddy gestation, April is the burgeoning intensity of the bloom. It will be tempting to fight these growing pains. But we’ll discover that only leads to unnecessary entanglements.

Instead, lift your eyes to the eternal beauty that lives in every vessel of being and listen to this month’s transit of Venus in Taurus. 

During this first week, you may have to succumb to frustrating delays and testy communications that thwart progress. This is the hangover of last weekend’s uncomfortable Libra Full Moon that left us yearning for an elusive balance.

You’ll have to decide whether it’s worth shouting over the din to make your point. As the gods of combat (Mars) and resistance (Saturn) square the celestial know-it-all (Mercury), remember, silence speaks volumes. Choose your battles wisely.

The second week of April, power struggles may dominate. Check your ego. Where are you being unnecessarily intractable and why?

Once you release the need to be right, there’s a tender camaraderie that flows into your relationships, particularly April 11-12. And by April 14, one of the most optimistic and lucky days of the year, you could feel as if anything is possible.

The week of April 15-22 is the most likely to require patience and thoughtfulness. The Aries New Moon is volatile and surprising. The frustration of the month reaches its peak and we’re forced to be courageous and confront our fears. We’re called to stand in our integrity, even when makes us unpopular.

Powerful energies stop us in our tracks and demand a reckoning. This is the week we put old wounds behind us and step into a new cycle of living. It’s the moment we root ourselves in the earth and walk the talk.

Though we all get a sweet reprieve from the intensity on April 24, when light conversation will be a balm on our souls, the drum beat starts up again the next day.

A volatile Mars-Pluto conjunction may produce battles of will and a dramatic release of pent-up tension. This combination triggers the death-rebirth cycle. Channel that energy into productive labor, creative tension and personal growth rather than conflict and melodrama.

The month ends with a sigh of relief in the Scorpio Full Moon. This lunation promises achievement and gifts, strength and satisfaction. Perhaps this is nature’s reward for enduring the turmoil of April.