Scorpio Full Moon

We’ve all been straining against some immovable force these last three weeks, self-made or otherwise. It may be time to squarely confront the part of yourself that feels the need to do battle. There’s truth in that old adage, whatever you resist, persists.

Today through Saturday, there’s a good bit of ambient volatility and frustration, which can be channeled into tremendous tenacity and determination.

Try to avoid battles of will and power trips as Mars and Pluto merge in Capricorn and Mercury in hot-headed Aries squares with Saturn in Capricorn.

Rapid progress may feel elusive. Slow and steady is called for now.

The coming Full Moon at 9° Scorpio on Sunday offers a moment to breathe into whatever suffering you think you deserve and to see it for what it really is: illusion. By acknowledging and releasing our unconscious attachment to old wounds this weekend we’ll open ourselves to breakthrough.

This describes the Full Moon in wide opposition to Uranus at 29° Aries as it begins the last three weeks of its seven-year journey through the sign of the Warrior. By May 15, as Uranus enters Taurus, our paradigm will shift again, dramatically.

Uranus represents our higher consciousness, and in the anaretic or karmic 29th degree, we’re granted the opportunity to resolve and complete part of our soul journey. 

The Scorpio Full Moon also trines Neptune in Pisces, opening a channel of transcendent Oneness and Divine guidance to shepherd us through this process.

It's tempting to crave relief from all the intensity and deep work confronting us. Embrace the idea that this effort is necessary to prepare us for what's to come.  

There are more dramatic shifts coming this summer, and the conscious clearing we do now will help make that passage more productive and successful.

So take heart everyone. The hard work pays off this year. Just stay the course. And be true to yourself.