Uranus enters Taurus

Brace yourself for a week of excitement and liberation with the planetary event of the year that has ramifications through 2026. 

The Great Awakener Uranus changes signs Tuesday for the first time since 2010. This brings a tremendous gust of breakthrough energy and innovation wherever Taurus lands in your chart.

On the world stage, from May-November, and then again March 2019-2026 we'll see dramatic change and innovation in the Taurus-ruled areas of banking, real estate, agriculture and food service, fashion and feminism.  

But this week, that’s not all!

On the same day as the Uranus shift, we have the 24° Taurus New Moon refreshing our bodies, our finances and our notions of security and relaxation. It’s a good opportunity to center — or pamper— yourselves as much as is possible with this lunation. Try not to succumb to any anxiety or unnecessary worry.

The world will be crackling with volatility and sudden shifts by mid-week. Just take it slow and steady. Try not to make long-term commitments now. Everything will continue to be in flux for months.

Next up is Mars entering Aquarius on Wednesday and immediately squaring Uranus at 0° Taurus. Take note of your natal chart. Wherever you have 0° fixed or Earth signs will light up this week.

This brings flashes of insight. Bolts of awakening. Sudden breakdowns and breakthroughs. Expect the unexpected. Ideas and actions will take surprising turns. Plans will change.

By Friday, we’ll get some welcome stabilization as Mercury trines Saturn. Use this energy to solidify whatever has been up in the air all week. Catch up on detail work. Negotiate agreements. Resolve whatever difficulties emerged.

Saturday Venus moves into tender Cancer. The storm will have passed. Tender encounters and good home cooked meals are yours. It's time to give and get deep hugs. Spend time with friends who feel like family.

By Sunday, the Sun shifts into airy, curious Gemini and we can finally see the sky again. Take some deep breaths. The air will be ionized and electric. We'll be clear-eyed and ready for new information and new encounters. It's going to be an eventful summer for everyone.

Gina Piccalo