Full Moon in Sagittarius

Can you feel that? It’s the palpitation of the cosmos. Uranus has stumbled into Taurus and our consciousness is still a bit woozy. Hold on to something sturdy. We’re sliding through a vortex. By September, we’ll all be in an entirely new state of mind.

For now, though, it’s key to stay in the moment. This weekend, the beauty in the now will be irresistible. We’re moving into Saturday’s ethereal and romantic Jupiter trine Neptune aspect. This brings us into resonance with the Divine. It opens our psyches for healing. It renews our hope and faith.

The possibilities that arise with this aspect may just blow our minds as Mercury trines Pluto on the same day, bringing depth and potency to our thoughts.  Meanwhile, that potent Mars-Uranus square is still bringing breakthroughs. These are great conditions for creative visualization. You can dream the life you want into being with this combination.

Consider the parts of your experience that need adjustment. Where are you stuck?  Where does your soul yearn to go? Bring that place to mind in as much details as you can. Watch it unfold like a movie.

Or channel the Sun in Gemini trine Mars in Aquarius and write down a list of goals/changes/ideas you aim to manifest. Write in the present tense. You’re writing this new life into reality.

By Sunday, the Scorpio Moon will make gentle, flowing aspects to Venus, Jupiter and Neptune. This opens us up to each other with tenderness, depth and emotion. Create space for self-compassion and rest. Memorial Day will likely feel content.

On Tuesday, we have the 8° Sagittarius Full Moon sextile Mars and opposite Mercury. We could be busy with ideas and aspirations. Our faith is renewed. We’re charged with optimism. Enjoy!