June 2018 Forecast

Happy Sagittarius Full Moon folks! Take time to exhale. May has been an intense month and the Cosmos is inviting you to access a sense of wonder and awe in all things. Indulge your curiosity today. Open your mind to big ideas. Dare to be optimistic.

The weeks ahead promise breakthroughs in thinking and in communication, opportunities to refine our goals and seek out inspiration. They also call for patience and surrender to flow. Download my Free Power Days here.

Uranus in Taurus —electrifying the lives of all the Taurus/Leo/Aquarius/Scorpio-dominant folks —asks us to shift our thinking all through June. Don’t be surprised if you’re moved to make some important and beneficial changes this month, particularly June 13-30.

As soon as Wednesday, our state of mind may lift and we may seek out more social interaction and heady conversation as Mercury joins the Sun in high-minded Gemini.

On Friday, goals and ambitions may consume our thoughts. Life may even feel especially #blessed thanks to Venus trine Jupiter and Mercury trine Mars. Tender moments and opportunities for loving resolution arise through Saturday.

Enjoy this coming weekend because the week of June 4 may feel strained and confusing.

Be mindful of battles of will, overconfidence and narcissism on June 5 as Venus opposes Pluto. Clouded thinking may spill over into delusional behavior June 6-7 with Mercury and the Sun square Neptune.  Channel this into meditation and prayer rather than grappling with someone else’s unhealthy fantasy.

Save your important meetings for the week of June 11 as Mercury moves into sensitive and psychic Cancer bringing tenderness and compassion to talks.

Breakthroughs are coming around the Gemini New Moon on June 13. Venus moves into Leo igniting our sense of entitlement and love for life through July 11. We’re all queens with Venus here.

The week of June 18, plans may fall into place, a dream may come true or inspiration may strike as we’re gifted with a series of lovely sextiles and trines involving Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus.  

The Sun shifts into watery Cancer on June 21 inviting us to go with the flow. Old wounds may surface and trigger our subconscious on June 23, but this is an opportunity for real psychological breakthrough if we just take it with Mercury opposite Pluto and the Sun sextile Uranus.

This brings us to the Mars Retrograde station on June 26.

 Attention Aries and early degrees Aquarius/Leo/Scorpio/Taurus: Please turn your personality settings to “Patient-and Kind” from June 26 to Aug. 27.

 As Mars Retrogrades from 9° Aquarius to 28° Capricorn, we’re invited to slow down and consider how we assert our independence, establish freedom and fight for a cause. Where does your single-mindedness, or your insistence on doing it your way, get you into trouble?

 Stay tuned: I’ll devote an entire post to this transit as we get closer.  

 On June 27, we’ll have a testy Full Moon at 6° Capricorn. Though there are some breakthroughs available on this lunation, there’s also a swell of self-criticism and a good dose of authoritarianism swirling around as well.  The last weekend of June looks a bit volatile and primed for misunderstandings and accidents, so everyone should be especially alert.

Don’t be surprised if all this results in good old-fashioned political unrest around Independence Day. Time to exercise your rights people!

Gina Piccalo