The Calm Before the Storm

Enjoy another relatively gentle week, folks. Save your toughest meetings and tasks for Wednesday, if possible. Get to work early on Monday to save yourself some trouble as that day is probably going to be our most challenging. And try not to put off anything to the weekend.

Generally, communications Monday might feel especially loaded. But it's nothing a little patience and sensitive can't resolve. Create space to get clarity in your relationships. Unwind whatever thorny bits arise during the Mercury-Pluto square and Venus-Neptune square with active listening.

Meaningful talks about issues that need resolution are possible now. Both sides could be motivated to get to the heart of the matter. This aspect also amplifies the power of our words, so speak your truth.

Tension eases Tuesday and we'll get a shot of optimism and can-do spirit as the Sun opposes Jupiter. We may be called to prioritize two great opportunities. Be realistic if you can. And don't spread yourself too thin. 

Wednesday is the calmest day of the week with a helpful Moon-Saturn sextile. It's a good day to dig into the detail work that you've put off.

A dreamy, sensual vibe could color life Thursday as the Pisces Moon enchants the Sun, Jupiter,  Pluto and Neptune. It may be hard to motivate. Though what you muster the energy to accomplish will most certainly be creative and inspired. 

Friday brings the potent Sun-Pluto trine in Taurus-Capricorn. This is empowering and grounded. It's a great day to make lasting progress or solidify important business deals. There's a good bit of self-discovery available on this day as well.

By Saturday, we'll start to sense the drama that's coming. The pace of life picks up with the Moon in Aries. Mercury squares Mars and the Moon squares Pluto intensifying volatility. On Sunday, we'll need to be especially careful. Accidents and misunderstandings are more likely with Mercury conjunct Uranus and the void of course Aries Moon square Mars.

Enjoy the opportunities this week to wrap up projects that stalled in April. Look for resolution on Friday. And brace yourself for prickly encounters over the weekend. By Sunday, you'll be staring into a vortex of change that's headed our way.