Mars Stations Retrograde

This week, the Summer of Awakening officially begins with an entry exam. A completely new paradigm is upon us. Transcendent breakthroughs are coming. But first, the Universe wants to make sure you’re all in.

Many of you are on the brink of something big yet plagued by myriad unknowns. Self-doubt may be creeping in. Tests and unexpected difficulties could arise.

Time to walk the talk. Muzzle that inner critic. Put your head down and do the work. Ask yourself, how much do you want it?

Use the next eight weeks to prepare for the BEST. POSSIBLE. OUTCOME. We all have the opportunity this summer to make life-changing shifts that set us on a more authentic path. By Aug. 27, we’ll all be transformed physically, spiritually, intellectually or all three.

But you may have to successfully navigate an obstacle course first. We all enter the wormhole on Tuesday with Mars stationing Retrograde at 9° Aquarius.

Avoid pitfalls in July and August with my FREE Mars Retrograde Survival Guide download. Mark on your calendar with my key dates to make the most of this summer’s potent energy vortex.

The cosmos is asking us to slooooow down and get perspective. Try to avoid signing binding agreements this week. So much could change that you’ll want to have some flexibility around your decisions.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on Wednesday/Thursday (PDT/EDT) confronts us with some unexpected responsibilities. Hard work is the remedy. Capricorn’s ruler Saturn plays a key role here and both of these archetypes reward concerted effort. So face whatever comes up head-on and with integrity. This Full Moon doesn’t suffer fools.

On Friday, Mercury enters Leo on Friday and opposes the Moon. Expect some bluster and postering this weekend. Tempers could flare. Communications could be charged. Best to tune into the Aquarius Moon and distance yourself from the drama. By Monday, it may feel like an unwelcome dream.