Sun-Mercury in Gemini

This week, we're all faced with some thorny relationship issues. Power dynamics came up Tuesday with the tender Venus in Cancer being bullied by Pluto in Capricorn. And attempts to talk through the issues are getting hung up by misunderstanding and confusion Wednesday and Thursday as the Sun and Mercury in Gemini square moody Neptune in Pisces.

It's just difficult to get to the bottom of things right now. Best to put some space around the problem. Get some perspective. We've entered the Third Quarter phase of the Moon cycle, which can be experienced as a crisis of confidence.

As we prepare for the rebirth that comes with New Moon — this one at 22° Gemini on June 13 — we may overthink things.

By Friday, though we may reclaim a sense of control, as the Moon settles into "just-do-it!" Aries and sextiles Mars in Aquarius. Our mood may turn more headstrong and decisive. The Moon shifts into steady Taurus on Saturday and the silt kicked up earlier in the week finally settle.

Next week, brace for dynamic change!

Gina Piccalo