Cancer Eclipse and The Divine Feminine

Today, the power of the Divine Feminine is called forth with the first in a series of Cancer-Capricorn eclipses. Many of us have been feeling this potency for days. It’s heavy and relentless, like the labor pains of our grand rebirth.

Cancer is often associated with nostalgia and we may find it easier now to release attachments to the old paradigm. Rejuvenation and new beginnings take place wherever Cancer falls in your chart. Surrender to whatever emotion is dredged up in the next week. Feel all the feels.

Transcendent release is the result.

Lay the groundwork now to create more stability, more self-compassion and more genuine connection to one another during the next 18 months. Your actions will activate a profound healing.

Look closely at the meaning of the Cancer-Capricorn axis. Consider the role women play in your life. How do you experience nurturing, day-to-day? Are you available for it? Or fortified against it?

Does your home feel like a sanctuary or a burden? What needs to change to cultivate a sense of security? How do you feel safe without isolating?

It’s a thorny question being played out globally.

Homeland security, immigration and the rights of women and children will no doubt dominate the headlines and demand innovation in the next two years. A new feminism is taking shape that will lead us out of this quagmire. That's what the astrology of Uranus in Taurus and the Cancer-Capricorn eclipses tell us.

Cancer-Capricorn eclipses heralded the dawn of the feminist movement in 1963 with the passage of the Equal Pay Act, the publication of Betty Friedan's "The Feminine Mystique" and the 1972 passage by Congress of the Equal Rights Amendment.

This series also marked the 1982 failure of the ERA. This year, they revive that movement.

Powered by the Women's March, #MeToo, #FamiliesBelongTogether and threats to abortion rights, it just might happen this time around.

Embrace your own Divine Feminine today. Create goddess rituals that cleanse you of cynicism and victimhood, delusion and societal restraints and infuse you with love and strength.  Isis, Hathor, Kali, the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene, Tara, Quan Yin or Shekinah. Their names speak to an ancient part of our consciousness. Embrace the clarity and compassion that comes.