Aquarius Eclipse & Retrogrades: Strong Medicine

This week marks a moment of transcendence. Brace yourselves.

Plans set in motion in early 2017 are reaching a point of fruition, as we near the end of the latest Leo-Aquarius eclipse cycle. The crescendo is coming Jan. 20, 2019.

For now, though, it’s best to stand completely still – grounded in truth and self-awareness – as the torrents of change swirl around our lives. You may need to lash yourself to the mast.

This eclipse season is especially evident in the maelstrom on the world stage. Anticipation and anxiety are the air we all breathe -- whether we’re conscious of it or not.

We’re being granted yet another opportunity to wake up to Truth and embody integrity. Awareness around a cultural problem reaches a tipping point that electrifies the masses in a new way.

For some this could feel like an earthquake – disruptive and overwhelming. For others, this is a profound internal shift that has a tremendous ripple effect. Either way, the outcome shifts the consciousness of all.

This is strong medicine.

Listen to your truest self, to your heart. It may demand long periods of silence before she can be heard. Be open to the notion that whatever you hear is real. If we don’t trust ourselves, how can we ever trust each other?

Clear your mind to receive the epiphanies available. You are able to step through time now, to see past and future as simultaneous, to make your choices in this moment really count.

Understand that all of our collective knowledge, passed down through the centuries, is available, stored in our DNA to serve the greater good.

Remember: We are all vessels of the Divine. Act accordingly. Embody love and acceptance. This is how we save the world

The astrology:

·      Mercury stations Retrograde at 23° Leo on Thursday.

 ·      The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 4° Aquarius conjuncts Retrograde Mars and squares Uranus on Friday.

      Venus trine Pluto and Uranus trine Saturn offer support in restructuring our lives and transforming our relationships.