Mars Direct Means All Systems Go



e've all been through something in the last two months. Eclipse season may have cracked you open or slammed some doors shut once and for all. Now it's time to step fully into this new paradigm. Ready or not. September is full steam ahead.


By Sept. 6 — next Thursday — we will have more forward motion available to us than we have had since February. All summer, you may have felt you've taken two steps forward and three steps back. It's likely what you thought was important when you started June has dramatically changed.

Now all that contemplation and strategizing will begin to pay off. Projects that stalled in June or July will rumble back to life now. Life will begin to move much faster.

Increased focus, direction and a sense of purpose is available through Sept. 11 with Mars direct in Capricorn. We'll find an improved ability to get things done — and done well. This is a welcome stabilizing influence after so many weeks of chaos and uncertainty, intensity and change.

New Moon

It may be to re-engage with a health regimen when Mercury enters Virgo on Sept. 5 followed by the Virgo New Moon on Sept. 9. T

Key Planet Shifts

Note that Sept. 5- 10, three key planets will change signs (Mercury to Virgo, Venus to Scorpio and Mars to Aquarius), Saturn stations Direct in Capricorn and we have a Virgo New Moon. That's a lot of shifting in a few days' time.  The universe will certainly knock some new information loose during that time.

It's likely to be positive. You may feel a few disparate pieces of life settle into their rightful places. Use this time to organize your thoughts and plans. Problem-solving in relationships could lead to healing and depth.

Mars In Aquarius

Don't succumb to anxiety when Mars moves back into Aquarius Sept. 11-Nov. 15. All fixed sign Rising, Moon or Sun folks — Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus and Leo— know what I'm talking about here. Mars already has spent THREE MONTHS in the same part of everyone's chart — in Aquarius from May-August. It returns to Aquarius for another two months.

We're all seriously renovating and activating some part of our lives this year. Just try to take it as it comes.

Full Moon

The one lunation I'm not thrilled about is the Aries Full Moon on Sept. 24. Tempers may flare. Volatility peaks. Channel this energy into physical activity rather than misplaced aggression.

All things considered, though, September promises to be incredibly productive and grounding. Lean in to your to-do list. Unleash all that pent up motivation. You've got the wind at your back.


Saturday, Sept. 1

Stabilizing. Romantic. Optimistic. Good for a date night.

Monday, Sept. 3

Good for difficult conversations.

Wednesday, Sept. 5

 Good for self-care, time with family

Friday, Sept. 7

Good for brainstorming, problem-solving.


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