Leo Solar Eclipse & Overwhelm



or all of us now, there’s one area of life that is demanding every ounce of patience and willingness to surrender that we can muster. It may be difficult now to identify how the intensity of this moment is really affecting you. It may feel like an itch you can’t quite reach. Maybe you’re irritable and can’t pinpoint why. Your inner child may want to throw a tantrum.

It’s true that Saturday’s New Moon at 18° Leo is connected to Mercury, opening a window to the soul and uncommon access to self-awareness now. And if transcendent clarity is a by-product of this astrological event for you, then I celebrate on your behalf.

Creative problem solving is another way to channel this energy. You can also use it to express your authentic self without needing permission or approval. It may be time to step out from behind the curtain now and share your light.

If, however, you feel more like crawling into bed and binge-watching “Gilmore Girls” with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s at your side, then I celebrate you, too, because this Solar Eclipse is also uncomfortably aligned with the tough-love psychologist Pluto and his stoner frenemy Neptune.  

Maybe you just want to space out. Maybe you’re just too overwhelmed. All the turbulence of the last six weeks — since Mars stationed in Aquarius on June 26, two July eclipses and a Mercury Retrograde  — may have raised some inconvenient truths that you’re still processing.

Leo-Aquarius Eclipse Cycle

Or maybe you’re just so worn out from all the unrelenting churning and burning of the Leo-Aquarius eclipse cycle that began in February 2017 (and finally ends Jan. 20, 2019) that you JUST. CAN’T.

Here's my advice: Forgive yourself for all of it. Trust that you're learning and transforming in lasting and profound ways. Even if you feel stymied and exhausted. Forgive everyone else, too. It's such a relief to recognize ourselves in other people.

Also, we’re in the home stretch of an exceptionally long journey. On Aug. 18, Mercury stations Direct at 11 Leo. Mars dips into Capricorn on Aug. 14, then stations Direct at 28 Capricorn on Aug. 27. 

You're going to feel like a new person by September.

Side Note

It's helpful to note that where lunar eclipses shift our inner state — solar eclipses manifest events. When in Leo, world leaders are instigating them. President Clinton testified to his affair with Monica Lewinsky during a Leo Solar Eclipse. He was impeached on a Scorpio New Moon and acquitted four days before an Aquarius Solar Eclipse.

In Donald Trump’s chart, this Leo Solar eclipse suggests some sort of secret influx of cash that results in some life-changing surprises. But then, haven't the headlines hinted at this for weeks?


Gina Piccalo