The Virgo New Moon Says: Remember Yourself



his week’s Grand Earth Trine asks us to set aside worry and ground our restless minds. Forget the astrology for a moment. Instead, imagine our consciousness as a meandering creek. Last summer, a whole herd of deer walked through us, kicking up fear and confusion. Now, for the first time in months, the silt begins to settle.

For all the chaos and drama, you have to admit: You probably have a good idea of where you’re headed now. As this month picks up, you’ll start racking up mileage in the right direction.

The first noticeable shift of September takes place Wednesday with Mercury leaving fiery Leo — and the melodrama of the last two months — and entering its level-headed home sign of Virgo. This keeps us on task and less distracted. Mercury-dominant folks may find it easier to get some writing done now. Thorny communications may turn more reasonable.

Saturn Goes Direct

After five months of narrowing our focus, deepening our concentration and demanding caution, Saturn stations Direct and stops pumping the brakes on Thursday. We won’t be racing downhill but it will be easier to get things done. And by Friday, a Grand Trine between Mercury, Saturn and Uranus as sense that all things are working out for the best will settle over us.

New Moon In Virgo
Meets Aries Full Moon

The steady Virgo New Moon comes Sunday. Good ideas cultivated now could bear fruit at the hungry Sept. 24 Aries Full Moon. This is a good time to set health goals and review your routines. Time to reassess your diet and exercise regimen. Maybe even try a cleanse. There’s more energy available now for improving all the systems of our lives.

Venus Enters Sexy Scorpio

Relationships could heat up a bit as Venus enters sexy Scorpio Sunday and quickly squares Mars sliding into brainy and creative Aquarius on Monday. This could be an interesting time to date. Watch out for some irresistible chemistry, especially for Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo and Taurus folks. Uranus in Taurus is sure to send some electric jolts as he squares both Mars and Venus all week. Surprise encounters could lead to some excitement and even volatility.

This is poised to be a good week, folks. Walk bare foot. Spend time in silence. Notice the trees. Remember yourself.

Gina Piccalo