Get Your Genius On: Mars re-enters Aquarius

Mars is in charge this week. Consequently, life may feel a bit loaded and accelerated, particularly for Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus and Leo dominant folks. Remember to breathe. We still have the grounding Virgo New Moon working for us.

Efforts initiated back in May will likely be amplified — or even achieved now. Things may work out in interesting and exciting ways. Relationship issues may heat up or grow volatile and testy. But if channeled productively, you may be able to work out some outstanding issues.

Astrologically, speaking, we're talking about the planet of passion and action re-entering the rebel Aquarius, squaring complex Venus in Scorpio. Then both planets make hard aspects to change-agent Uranus in Taurus. Let's all expect happy accidents, shall we?

Thanks to this year's retrograde, Mars will have spent about half of 2018 in Aquarius when it finally departs Nov. 16. That means that from May to November one area of our lives has been more troublesome, more activated and more demanding than any other area of life. Check your chart to see what house Aquarius falls in to see astrology working its magic.

But that's not to say this week is all hot and bothered all the time. On Thursday, Mercury in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces, which certainly adds some opportunity for fantasy.  The shadow side of this aspect is confusion and delusion. 

By Friday, we could be feeling far more settled. There's a possibility of real transformative thinking and even some healing awareness around our problems. In the background of the Mars drama, there's ample opportunity to solve problems and heal and release fear with Jupiter sextile Pluto and Saturn trine Uranus.

  • Stay the course. Watch your temper. 
  • Be mindful of all things hot, fast and sharp in the days ahead.  
  • Channel Mars into refining and aligning your life's processes — rather than fighting them.


Gina Piccalo