Leo Super Moon Lunar Eclipse

The air is ionized. Electricity pulses through our experience. Life feels accelerated and juicy. The intensity is palpable. And the possibilities suddenly seem endless.

We are exiting an energetic freeway — shooting through a wormhole — and the transition may be bumpy as we leave one paradigm and enter another. Serendipity abounds. Open your hearts and minds to the flow.

This is how it feels to cross the finish line after a two-year, tumultuous journey of self-discovery amid a humanitarian crisis. You’re entitled to celebrate! You have achieved more than you think. Take the opportunity to honor your success.

This is the 0° Leo Total Lunar Eclipse late Sunday-early Monday, Jan. 20-21.

It is a Super Moon, closer to Earth than the average Full Moon, bringing intensity and emotionality along with its other cosmic gifts. Visible in North and South America, this lunation will have a red hue, true to its namesake, the Blood Wolf Moon.

You’ve shed a skin. You may have also shed people, places and things you once thought you could never live without. And yet, you feel more powerful, more connected and more authentically YOU than you have in years.

The world is a wholly different place than it was in February 2017, when this eclipse cycle began. We learned the hard way that neglecting the inner child hardens our heart. Belonging to a tribe does not entitle us to reject others. We learned we are all indelibly linked. When one suffers, we all suffer.

We also discovered that we must shine our light as a beacon of joy and self-acceptance in order to save the collective. We are here to learn how to love, a lesson that only comes from active participation in humanity. This journey taught us that we are the ones we are waiting for.

The time has come to cast off false modesty, acknowledge your gifts and share them with the world. We need each other now more than ever.

Gina Piccalo