Capricorn Solar Eclipse

This is the year spirituality meets pragmatism. Healing becomes heroic. Nurturing takes the place of striving. This is the year we remember what’s good. We get back to what matters. We remember our sense of belonging. The beauty of truth. We commit to unconditional love.

This is the year, we forgive ourselves so we can forgive each other.

Today is the first eclipse of the year. At 15° Capricorn, conjunct Saturn, this one has gravitas.

Sober and unflinching, this is a New Moon Solar eclipse, a potent vortex inviting only serious takers. This energy demands our integrity and commitment to the task at hand. Stop phoning it in.

The Universe is saying, Bring it. Walk the talk. Or go home.

This isn’t a year to be idle. Yes, Jupiter in Sagittarius has all kinds of ideas and party plans. And by next week, he’ll have Venus on his arm, making him glad to be alive. Good things are happening. It’s true. Justice will be served.

But first, there’s work to do. The drama and chaos of 2018 has left us exhausted and homesick. We want a reality check. We want to know decency again. We long for life to make sense again.

This solar eclipse has some answers. There are angels in the woodwork. Intentions set on this lunation have lasting impact. Choose wisely. The rewards will be great.

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Gina Piccalo