Here's What NOT to do on the Aries Full Moon

Let’s talk about why Sunday’s Full Moon makes me a little jumpy.

  1. It’s in the sign of Aries, a hot-head with a short fuse.

  2. It’s throwing serious shade at Pluto in Capricorn, who’s busy destroying the U.S. government and completely restructuring the world order.

  3. And it’s getting way too much confidence from Jupiter in Sagittarius, the drunk at the bar who wants to see a good fight.

Full Moons are already ripe for drama. This one is volatile, too. I expect we’ll see some result of this energy in the headlines. And it won’t be pretty.

This Full Moon finishes whatever you started in late March or early April. Maybe you’re realizing that you’re in over your head. Or you’re reaching burnout a lot faster than you expected.

Maybe an impulsive decision last spring led you into a corner and now you’ve got to fight your way out.

Any simmering issues could reach a crescendo now. This is intense and possibly explosive energy. Everyone could be feeling emotional and triggered.

My advice: Don’t drive angry, run red lights or play with matches this weekend. Maybe put the power tools away for now, too.

The antidote for too much Aries energy is a healthy outlet for all that fire.

Go to the gym. Clock some time on the treadmill. Better yet, take a boxing class. Play some racquetball. Ride a (stationary) bike.

What NOT to do this weekend:

  1. Confront your boss, spouse, friend about a long-standing grudge

  2. Challenge a stranger to a drag race

  3. Enlist in the armed services

When in doubt, take a beat. Think twice. Impulsivity will not serve you well this weekend.