Mars-Uranus in Aries - Something's Gotta Give

This week starts off sweetly enough. We’re content with a good day’s work and a home-cooked meal on Monday. Tension is building. But we’re just not motivated enough to start a fight.

By Tuesday, though, it’s clear that something’s got to give.

We’re restless to assert ourselves and tired of being patient. Our need to plow forward will override any notion of tact we once had. We’re fired up and ready to blow.

This is Mars-Uranus in take-no-prisoners Aries — at its most potent on Wednesday. This energy  has emerged every two years since 2011 and before that, from 1928-1934.

The rise of Hitler, the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge and the split of the atom all took place during years when Mars and Uranus met in Aries. We can achieve the impossible in moments like these. But there will be casualties.

The vibe is Marlon Brando at his smoldering peak. It’s Johnny Depp circa 1994, trashing hotel rooms. It’s Angela Davis with her fist in the air. It’s no wonder all these folks have Mars-Uranus dominant in their natal charts. They embody the ferocity and independence of the combination.

This may make for a volatile – or kinky -- Valentine’s Day this year. Expect a healthy round of makeup sex following the preceding 24 hours.

Whatever gets stirred up, it’s key to tune into your spiritual practice. Access the pragmatism and calm of Venus in Capricorn and Mercury in Pisces this week. If that fails, a rigorous round of crunches is better than lobbing plates across the room.  

Remember, this year is about surrendering to our own vulnerability so we can forgive each other. It’s about being courageous in our own healing — not punishing everyone else.

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Gina Piccalo