Weekly Forecast: March Horoscope

In March, the plot thickens.

Plans we set in motion may get complicated or more interesting. Edits must be made. But it's exciting! Life is changing in surprising and invigorating ways.

Anxiety could bubble up.

A new seven-year cycle is breaking through a new area of your life. This isn't easy for the less flexible personalities — Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio and Leo, I'm looking at you.

But it's also a creative time

Spring is in the air and a refreshing sense of possibility is too! Our dreams are vivid and our ideas are inspired. We may be moved to write poetry or dig out that old screenplay draft.

It's time to get weird, if you want to...

Venus enters Aquarius on March 1 and it's time to fly that freak flag. We're all a bit more open-minded than usual. Kinky, even! Meanwhile, friendships thrive and even heal. Aquarius isn't super touchy-feely, though. So vulnerability may not come as easily now. Venus also rules money, so it's a good time to brainstorm new ways of earning cash. That kooky side hustle may be read to go pro.

Renew faith

On March 5, we enter the first Mercury Retrograde of the year — but never fear!

In Pisces, this Mercury Retrograde could mark a significant ending. Contemplation, meditation and solitude serve you best now. There's a real desire to get perspective. Daydreams could be especially productive. Reading spiritual texts -- or just helping someone else -- could renew faith in yourself and in the world.

Surrender to Compassion

Our focus narrows to all that has — or is threatening to — come undone on the New Moon at 15° Pisces conjunct Neptune on March 6. Order may be elusive, yet we crave it. Prayer and ritual can bring clarity. Surrender is important here. The concept of the Divine is more present in our lives now if we open to it. When in doubt, return to compassion, for yourself and others. It’s a moment of contemplation, the darkness before the seed sprouts. Patience is another useful remedy. We’re on the verge of a revelation.

Transit of the Year — Uranus in Taurus — March 7 to 2026

This is the biggest astrological news of the year. When an outer planet shifts into a new sign, we notice. We got a taste of this May-November last year. Now Uranus — the Great Awakener — brings sudden and shocking change to a new part of our lives for the next seven years.

In the Earth sign of Taurus, actual and metaphorical earthquakes can be expected. Our economy, currency and personal value systems will surely see some volatility.

The beauty, food and food-growing industries are for radical change too.

Feminism is also due for a revolution. This is the Rise of the Divine Feminine.

There's a hectic — but transcendent — quality to Uranus' influence. Like a strike of lightning, Uranus brings instant change and alchemy. Over time, it settles into radical innovation and breakthrough.

Check your chart for planets or angles at 0° to 6° to find where you’re most likely to feel this big shift. Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus will notice the most change and excitement. Earth and Water Signs may experience sudden windfalls and opportunities.

Get It Done — In Spite of Mercury

Mercury Retrogrades are a time of reflection and slow-dow. But a few days in March are good for getting shit done.

First, March 9-10, brings structure to creative projects as the Sun sextiles Saturn and Mars sextiles Neptune.

Even better are March 13-15 and 19, when we’re motivated to revise old projects and clear out closets. It’s likely you’ll get far more done on these days than you set out to do.

Purging the Past — Saturn-Pluto conjunct in Capricorn — March 18 to June 14

This year, the area of life you most crave structure and discipline, strive for reward and achievement, or carry responsibility is due for life-changing release and transformation.

Purge the past and its conventions. Reconstruct key aspects of your life. Shore up foundations and build new life structures. Resist fear.

Hard work, perseverance, integrity and commitment are key. We have to walk the talk.

Confront where you’re unforgiving and rigid. Embrace a more measured approach. Don’t just strive to achieve. Aspire to the highest good of all concerned.

Super Full Moon at 0° Libra/Spring Equinox — March 20-21

The March 20 Full Moon at 0° Libra, on the Spring Equinox is ripe for tension and change. On the 21st, we enter a new astrological year as the Sun enters Aries. We set new priorities. It’s a time of completion and empowerment, of vulnerability and emotion.

Libra demands peace and balance. Its opposite sign Aries rules war and independence. Action must be taken. But we’re caught between an itch for change and a stubborn resistance to it. We yearn for stability, but face intractable power structures.

It’s an anxious time. We’re confronted with the discomfort of vulnerability. We see the need for balance to start anew.

Most Confusing Days

Avoid important decisions March 24-28 as Mercury Retrograde conjuncts Neptune. Our minds will be clouded. Rose-colored glasses inhibit pragmatism. See a good movie, revisit your journal or daydream in a bubble bath, instead.

Divine Love — Venus in Pisces — March 26-April 20

Venus in Pisces brings beauty and divinity to the most vulnerable aspects of your life. This is a soft focus lens. The sweet smell of a rose. The tender touch of a loved one. Revel in this energy while it lasts. Kindness is more common.

Mercury Stations Direct — March 28

You may find that a prayer is answered as Mercury stations direct. The fog is still evident, but clearing. A sense of peace and well-being settles.

Gina Piccalo