Mercury Retrograde in Pisces: Return to the Sacred

It’s time to get a little pagan, folks.

I realize your energetic connection to Gaia is probably the last thing on your mind as you stalk social media and dutifully answer email today.

But seriously. It’s time.

Every few months, the cosmos mercifully invites us to reconsider ourselves — to look up from our technology and notice the sky — to peer more closely at our habits and mindset — to surrender to the Now.

We call it “Mercury Retrograde.” And like dental check-ups and airport security, this period has become our own personal purgatory — the prelude to hell we somehow know we deserve.

I have another idea.

What if, Mercury Retrograde is your invitation to DIVINE MEANING from your life.

Set aside your ego for a moment and listen.

For the next three weeks, you have permission to believe. In something greater than yourself. In the power of love. In the inherent goodness of humanity.

Today through March 28, Pisces energy is strong. It’s leading the journey through Mercury Retrograde. And it’s running the show at Wednesday’s New Moon.

And if we zoom out far enough, we see Neptune transiting through Pisces, from Feb. 2011-2026, infusing the personalities of an entire generation — those tender and intuitive souls now aged 8 and under — with an instinctive connection to the Divine.

This is mass spiritual awakening.

This is an opportunity to cultivate compassion, for yourself and others.

All of this shows up in your Natal Chart somewhere. It’s what tells me that each one of us has a unique journey — leading us to the one-of-kind gift we’re here to share.

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces invites you to dig more deeply into your mission.

Rediscover your own divinity.   Practice one small kindness each day. Notice the scenery when you drive. Listen to your thoughts with love.

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