Libra Full Moon, Part Deux

The Pisces stellium is winding down — that is Mercury, Venus and Neptune piled up in the sign of rainbows and unicorns since March 26.

Now, adjustments must be made. Mercury, Venus and the Sun all change signs this week, bringing new information forward and launching new cycles of growth.

Some of what we find may be unsettling, thanks to the role played by the Great Awakener, Uranus.

Anxiety could bubble up as we suddenly wake up to the enormity of the change that’s baring down on us.

Then again, the sky may light up with serendipity. Be spontaneous if you can and the rewards will be great.

On Wednesday, we get a burst of ideas as Mercury walks with the original fire starter, Aries. This is gold for brainstorming. Just be tactful about speaking up. And watch your impulses.

Look for revelations around Friday’s 29° Libra Full Moon — the second in a row. Relationship issues and legal matters that started on the Libra New Moon last October could culminate and resolve in surprising ways. Resolutions to thorny grudges are possible.

On Saturday, err on the side of caution with love and money. Have a nice meal and a lively discussion. Avoid politics and religion.

That’s the day the Sun shifts into Taurus and its ruler Venus joins Mercury in Aries — a duo known for being uncompromising.

Speaking of compromises, we’re facing some heavy karma this week.

The biggest astrology news of this month — and the year— is the Saturn-Pluto-South Node conjunction in Capricorn that moves into alignment on Thursday and lasts through mid-May.

This aspect sets the stage for some hard truths.

Whatever is draining you of life will become especially evident now. Cut your losses, rather than stubbornly resist. Vacate the house before the demolition crew arrives.

Capricorn rules the structures and systems of our lives. Saturn, Pluto and the South Node coming together turn those foundations to dust.

What you resist now, persists. No matter how hard we work to shore up a failing endeavor, the cracks just splinter and grow wider.

This may feel like a loss in the moment. In retrospect, though, it will spell freedom.

Gina Piccalo