A Uranus Story: No More Ziplining

A Sun-Uranus Story. 

(Today’s the first time since 1942 that the Sun and Uranus have met in Taurus.) 

Imagine you are (secretly) afraid of heights.

Like, so afraid, that you hold your breath when you drive over bridges.

Now imagine leaping from the top of a 40-story building.

Only the building is a cliff in Costa Rica.

Instead of plummeting to your death, you fly over the treetops. 

For a quarter-mile.

The only thing keeping you alive is a four-inch D-ring.

The kind that holds a set of car keys.

If you could summon a helicopter to airlift you the fuck out of there, you would.

But the only way down is jumping off that cliff.

Over and over again.

Thirteen times in total.

This is Uranus in Taurus.

This is also what I did on my vacation in Costa Rica. 

Zip-lining is what you do there, apparently.

I consider myself open-minded.

So I went, thinking: “Adventure!”

“Longest Canopy Tour in the World!”

Sounded horrific, but I wanted to be (seen as) fearless.

The trio of brothers from Jersey got a running start.

The girl from Beverly Hills went upside-down, holding her Go Pro the whole way.

My husband was having the time of his life.

Cheers and exhilarated smiles all around.

I was the only one weeping quietly. 

Every time I jumped off the cliff, I silently chanted: “Surrender.”


I tried, as my friend and yoga teacher suggested, to glance at the miles of sparkling coastline to my right.

The vastness of it paralyzed me with fear. 

By the end, I was harnessed to my husband, holding my breath and closing my eyes.

It’s true, I faced my fear.

But only because I had no other choice.

The real take-away for me was: Don’t try to be someone you are not.

This is also Uranus in Taurus. 

In my case, it was squaring my Sun in Aquarius.

I was confronted with my authentic self.

She’s bold. She’s deep. She’s sensitive.

And she really hates zip lining. 

Ever come face-to-face with your authentic self?

Were they the person you expected?

Let’s work on that together! Consider a coaching session with me.

Gina Piccalo