Uranus in Taurus: Organized Chaos

I’ve noticed a pattern in my readings lately.

The current of life is accelerating. (Uranus-Sun conjunct)

Like a roller coaster ride, some of us are holding on for dear life.

Some of us are throwing our hands in the air and shouting “Bring it!”

Make no mistake: This is a reckoning

With harsh realities (Saturn conjunct South Node)

And breathless possibility (Jupiter in Sagittarius)

All at the same time.

Plans we set in motion last year now need to be revisited

We may need to cut our losses

There's no shame and owning a mistake.

This is Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all stationing Retrograde this month

Vulnerability surfaces in areas we thought we had locked down.

And yet we’re exhilarated with the notion of letting go.

Whatever you’re dealing with — I’ve probably experienced some version of it myself.

It’s how the law of attraction works.

We’re drawn together energetically because we can help each other.

This is another way of describing serendipity.

In astrology, Uranus rules serendipity.

He’s making himself known this week.

Anxiety bubbles up as the list of unknowns seems to expand

Here’s what I’ve learned in my own experiences with chaos:

Reduce your life to three piles:

  1. Taking care of your mind-body (sleep, eat, laugh)

  2. Taking care of your dependents (pets and kids)

  3. Putting out fires (breakdowns, illness, crisis-du-jour, etc.)

Turn on your slo-mo

Take everything as it presents

Do. Not. Futurize.

Create a list of your worries

Then burn it

This allows you to release it to the Divine

Stay in the present

Accept the concept of “good enough”

Cultivate inner softness.

Notice the inner voice

Are you being kind to yourself?

How would you advise your beloved if they were you?

Now do that.

admitting it. i’m not superhuman