Why You Can't Ignore This Full Moon

Raise your hand if you’re ready for a break from the intensity?

Boy do we deserve one.

All of you who have been brought to your knees by merciless stress and strain since mid-April— I SEE YOU.  

You are a hero in your own life. And you’re not alone. Not even close.

We’re all making some of the hardest decisions of our lives, right now.

 Give yourselves credit for showing up like a BOSS.

This Saturn-South Node conjunction in Capricorn is a test of strength and character.

And in the last few days, the Sun in Taurus has been trining these two and Pluto – cracking us open and laying plain what needs to be released.

Take a breath because that vice-grip Saturn and the South Node have on your life will begin to ease up Thursday through May 25.

Things start to work out even better than we expected.

Today, Mercury sextiles Neptune and Saturn, which can feel a little foggy and surreal. It can also give us some space to exhale. To see the forest for the trees.

Tomorrow, Mars enters Cancer and trines Neptune. After weeks in pedal-to-the-metal Gemini, this could feel like a warm bath.

Which reminds me, all things watery get a boost with Mars entering the sign of the Good Cry.

Friday feels a little uncomfortable as the Saturn-South Node baddies bump Venus and Uranus. Stay the course.

Be kind to each other. You know the drill by now.

And then there’s Saturday. Ahh, the Scorpio Full Moon.

Scorpios get a bad rap. They are intense, complex, deeeeep souls.

When anything is in Scorpio, the Interwebs churn with warnings.

Shadow work.


Dark moods.

 Yada, yada, yada.

Not this Full Moon.

This one feels rich and alive with alchemy.

This is when the hard work starts to pay off.

You reach some kind of finish line to the suffering.

This is the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

So hold tight everyone. You’re about to get a big kiss from the cosmos.

Get ready.