What to Do When Your Life Feels Like A LOT


It’s Gemini Season, yo.

Time to fine-tune your messaging. Hone your brand. Edit your Insta.

Get out and socialize. Ask a lot of questions. Think through your options.

Ask the right questions. Talk it out.

The Sun and Mercury tap dancing in the sign of the Communicator May 21-JUne 21 means weighing your options and gathering intel.

It’s a refreshing change of pace after last weekend’s intense Scorpio Full Moon.

That lunation closed a painful chapter.

It asked us to stabilize the places in our lives that have known only crisis and shadow for years.

These next two weeks are a lot more fun.

So — YAY!

Just to give you a peek into June —the Gemini New Moon on June 3 and the Sagittarius Full Moon on June 17 are charged up with the vision and bounty (and delusions of grandeur) of Jupiter square Neptune.

This is rose-colored beer-goggles, folks.

We may be feeling a little too good.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. The June horoscopes are for next week.

For now, just know that we’re entering a wobbly and exciting time this summer.

Clarity may be elusive.

You may need to learn to go along for the ride.

So if your life feels like it’s A LOT right now, here’s a tip:

 Keep on keepin’ on.

Make hay while sun shines.

This is the year to test your foundations and make them stronger.

Balance your optimism (Jupiter in Sagittarius) and vision (Neptune in Pisces) with rock-solid pragmatism (Saturn in Capricorn).

This is definitely the Year of the Girl Boss.

Take this next two weeks like the calm before the excitement (and adjustments) of summer.

There’s some serious mojo packed into July.

So get your operating plan all put together now so you’re ready when magic strikes


Gina Piccalo