Jupiter & Venus: The Good Stuff

Get ready to celebrate folks! The party is just getting started.

This week, we get a reprieve from the hardcore stuff of the Pluto-Saturn-South Node.

(Capricorns, Libras, Aries and Cancer — we’re here for you.)

We’re still reveling in the afterglow of Saturday’s exciting and sensual New Moon in Taurus.

It just gets better and better as the month progresses.

This is a week you can dare to be optimistic.

Look around and notice that spring is springing!  Stand in the sunshine.

We’ve been cleansing and purging for weeks now and it’s time for a burst of exuberance.

This is the lightness we feel after letting go.

That’s your cue Sagittarius and Leo! Get out there and start the party for the rest of us!

A much-needed sense of peace and tranquility come as Jupiter in Sagittarius trines Venus in Aries all week — exact on Thursday just as the Moon trines Neptune.

There’s a sense of relief in pleasure and abundance. A victory lap after the hard-won battle.

It’s Lizzo’s “Cuz I Love You” (Deluxe)

It’s the viral dance the Orange Justice

It’s a French Bulldog.

Fun. Light-hearted. Silly, even.

But also expansive in meaningful ways. This is a time to go for it.

Meanwhile, we get a jolt of goodness as Mercury in Taurus bumps up against the Great Awakener Uranus in Taurus on Wednesday.

Brainstorm new ways to get grounded in the moment. Commune with nature in all forms.

The synapses are firing a little slower with Mercury in more deliberate Taurus.

This gives us a chance to get our bearings after so much acceleration in the last few weeks.

Make some new to-do lists. Assess your progress.

Savor your success.