Are You Being Too Hard on Yourself?

This month has packed a lifetime of angst into 17 days.

Mercury Retrograde. Solar Eclipse Lunar Eclipse. Sun-Pluto opposition. Saturn-South Node conjunction. Mars-Uranus square. Venus-Saturn opposition.

It's a lot.

But tomorrow, we all get a butterfly kiss from the cosmos. It's fleeting but sweet all the same.

Venus in sentimental Cancer trines Neptune in tender-hearted Pisces July 18 giving us a taste of tenderness.

This is a good day to have difficult conversations. Have lunch al fresco. Indulge in a little luxury. Take a long bubble bath.

Something. Because you deserve a break.

For a lot of us, the drama has been mostly internal.

We've been struggling against core parts of ourselves. Maybe the inner critic got really loud. Maybe we over-booked and stayed up too late.

Maybe someone else challenged our notions of stability. Fear or panic crept in.

There’s more work to be done.

Mercury slips into Cancer on Friday and we may find our interactions less charged, but more passive aggressive. At least until Mercury stations direct July 31.

Venus opposes Pluto on Sunday, so you want to be mindful of projecting your own need for control onto the women around you. Manipulative tactics may rise up from the wounded aspects of our psyches.

There is some relief with the Moon cycle, however. From Friday to early Monday morning, the Moon travels through Pisces. This is a more empathic placement for the Moon than Aquarius, which may soften some of the harder aspects.

By mid-day Monday, though, we’ll likely be on fire again. The Moon moves into Aries and the Sun enters drama queen Leo. It’s go time! For a few days, we may need to give each other space because the ego train is full speed.

By Wednesday, July 24, we’ll have another kinder day. A chance to catch up with our sensitive parts while also having the motivation to embrace more joy. thanks to Mercury-Venus conjunction and a Mars-Jupiter trine.

Let all this growth and transformation take root and evolve.. We’re experiencing some of the most important moments in history. Rise to the challenge. Use this time wisely and we’ll all be better for it.

Gina Piccalo