This is SUPER good news ...

Take a long, slow deep breath.

Feel the air in your lungs.

Lift your eyes from your screens and see the vastness of the sky.

That’s freedom.

Also intellectual clarity —both of which are granted around Thursday’s 22° Aquarius Full Moon.

You probably need a little perspective. On relationships, in particular.

Now is the time to unwind some of the knots of summer.

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The Full Moon is in the sign of the Know-it-All.  

And this one brings to mind the lesson you’ve learned from the last six months.

Think back to Feb. 4, if you can, and the seeds you planted at the Aquarius New Moon.

Those ideas are now ready for harvest.


Last Sunday, Jupiter finally stationed direct after his annual four-month retrograde.

This is SUPER GOOD NEWS for our long-gestating plans.

Rehearsals are over. Time to take the stage and be your own person — you have permission to be as weird as you want to be.

Full Moons are a time of resolution.

Be open to some powerful insights and opportunities to set the record straight.

We’re confronted with inauthenticity in our relationships, as Venus and Mars in Leo are both involved in this Full Moon.

Consider your tribe, your friendships.

Is everyone allowed to be themselves? Or is the dynamic mostly ego-driven?

What are your shared values, anyway? Honesty and integrity are rewarded now.

On the Full Moon, Mercury is freed from the Retrograde Shadow dance that started back in late June.

A lot of emotion got kicked up during that three-week retrograde, particularly as Mercury dipped into the late degrees of Cancer and activated the murky depths of the Cancer-Capricorn eclipses of July.

Vulnerabilities and fears were exposed.

Let your relationships breathe a bit.

Keep an ear to the ground for some important revelations on Friday as Mercury squares the Agent for Change, Uranus.

You may even surprise yourself.  



Gina Piccalo