You may want to risk something big to make the most of this...

When’s the last time you felt lucky?

Astrologically speaking — it’s probably been a while.

But today, the forecast calls for a gust of optimism. Good news. A lucky break.

This is the shimmering trine that forms between the world’s greatest showman, Mercury in Leo, and his bon vivant buddy Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Pixie dust settles on your life and —POOF! — you get the callback/find the money/pass the test/land the big client.

If you’re going to take a big risk, Wednesday, Aug. 21 is the day to do it.

Make those cold calls. Blast those emails. Aim high. You’ve got the cosmos on your side today. You may be surprised by how successful you are.

This day definitely brings a bubbly sense of excitement in the air as the Moon and Uranus link up in Taurus. If you’re feeling anxious, find a job to do. Mars in Virgo will help you along.

Speaking of Virgo, this anything’s possible energy is fleeting.

In the wee hours of Friday, things quickly get down to business as the Sun takes its last curtain call in high drama Leo and heads into no-nonsense Virgo.

Vacation’s over, kids. Time to get back to work.

This is what it feels like to have the Sun, Mars and Venus all in Virgo, the High Priestess of Getting Shit Done.

In a couple weeks, Mercury joins this crew so from Aug. 29-Sept. 13, we’ll have FOUR planets in Virgo.

Try not to think of this time as taking your medicine.

Instead, tackle the hard stuff you’ve been putting off. It’ll seem less like a chore and more like a ritual for well-being.

This is the moment you longed for back in July. Time to rediscover your comforting routines.

Top 5 things to do during this Virgo Season:

  1. Pay the bills of Leo season

  2. Schedule checkups and book your wellness program

  3. Get back to your workout routine/yoga practice/meditation ritual

  4. Do a cleanse of some sort

  5. Organize your space

And for those who misunderstand the Virgo in their lives, keep this in mind:

In their earnest attempt to help, Virgos can forget that the rest of us are mere mortals. Not everyone can see the ideal as a real-life possibility. Not everyone has the work ethic and stamina that they have. Not everyone lives to serve.

Remember, we’re all doing our best. Perfection is an illusion. Channel your own busy mind into DIY projects and closet-cleaning adventures.

It’s also okay to (very gently) remind your Virgo friends that being still, i.e. “doing nothing,” is a healthier use of time than working yourself to exhaustion just to feel like you have a purpose.

Friday afternoon and evening, the Moon in Gemini squares off with the Sun, Venus and Mars in Virgo, so be patient with each other. Let everyone get a chance to speak. And suspend judgment, where possible.

This weekend, you’ll probably want to keep the conversation light, anyway with the Moon flitting through Gemini.

Look for serendipity on Sunday as the Virgo stellium contacts Uranus in Taurus and lights up surprise encounters in otherwise mundane circumstances.

On Monday and Tuesday — Aug. 26-27 — the Moon in Cancer activates the eclipse degrees of July, and vulnerabilities and fears from last summer could get stirred up again.

However, this time, solutions are more readily available and could actually close the chapter on some problems of last summer.