What You Need to Know About Friday's New Moon

By now, you may notice life settling into something more manageable than you’ve felt in a while.

Virgo Season is bringing order back. During this first week of September you may be surprised how much you can get done.

But first, let’s talk about Friday’s New Moon at 6° Virgo.

Reboot your routines and rituals. Start something that serves the greater good. Or simply revive your own well-being.

Alternative modalities could serve you especially well. Serendipity could serve up something interesting, too, thanks to Uranus playing a role in this lunation.

Look for the magic in the mundane.

Read my New Moon Horoscopes to see where this one is serving you best.

Something as simple as noticing your breath could be a catalyst for a breakthrough.

Virgo is the sign of the Divine Feminine, the Holy Virgin, the Maiden of the Harvest.

Purity is her jam. She rules digestion, household chores and all the ways we willingly serve others.

She’s the embodiment of the phrase “waste not, want not.”

Wherever Virgo lands in your chart is where you’re the most persnickety.

It’s where you like to be tidy and organized. It’s where you get stuck in a perfectionist loop, too.

With the New Moon charging this area of your life, you’re called to cleanse and detox. Organize and ground.

There’s an abundance of common sense available. Gone is the volatility of Leo and Eclipse Season.

Now we get to settle down and clean up.