You Can Exhale Now

The Big News Is Change — For the Better

The part of life that’s been the toughest since April— where you’ve worked the hardest for the least reward— will begin to feel much more worthwhile and manageable now.

Where you’ve been most fearful, you’ll find renewed strength and the grit to move ahead.

This is Saturn in Capricorn stationing Direct after his four-month annual retrograde and reassessment of our life’s systems and structures.

This is the best news for Libra, Cancer, Capricorn and Aries dominant folks, who can finally take a deep breath.

But we're all still picking up the pieces from last summer's challenges. This is the manifestation of Saturn conjunct the South Node of the Moon.

Now, we take a step back, find our footing and ease into the Autumnal Equinox and Libra Season, the time of beauty, harvest and gratitude
Arguments and misunderstandings get smoothed over now, as Venus and Mercury have already shifted into Libra, the sign of the peacemaker.

From Sept. 23-Oct. 7, we’ll have at least three planets in the sign of please-and-thank you. Now's the time to promote your brand, edit your Insta and update your wardrobe.

Next to shopping, relationships are Libra’s biggest focus and wherever Libra lands in your chart, you’ll be more likely to compromise now.

Use this week to find your balance. And mark your calendar with the dates below. Peace.


  • Sept. 18 — Saturn stations DIRECT: The ruler of structure, hard work and the inner critic comes back strong today. Since April, Retrograde Saturn has forced us to let go of aspects of ourselves we thought we couldn’t do without. Now he shows us what our integrity has earned us.

  • Sept. 19Mars trine Pluto: You know that thing you’ve been eager to change in your life? Now is the time you can actually transform it for the better. Check your ambitions. This is a powerful moment of rebirth.

  • Sept. 20 — Venus-Mercury in Libra: A lovely day to share your feelings or some good marketing. We’re all feeling more accommodating than usual. Decision-making won’t come easily but bouncing your ideas off a friend could be helpful today.

  • Sept. 22 — Mercury square Saturn: Frustration is to be expected this morning. But it could be you’re just forced to think something through more thoroughly. And that’s a good thing.

  • Sept. 23 — Sun enters Libra, Fall Equinox: Time to feather the next and get cozy with someone you love. Libra Season means sharing and caring. The fall Equinox is a turning point a moment of harvest and abundance. Gratitude and generosity are called for now. Revel in the balance that comes from knowing what really matters.

  • Sept. 24 — Mercury sextile Jupiter: An abundance of ideas come now that could solve the thorniest relationship problems. If you’re not intentional though this day could pass you by without opportunity. Talk it out when you can. Have tough meetings. Negotiate. It’ll be easier now.

Gina Piccalo